Do you suffer from foot pain? If so, there is a good possibility that you need an orthotic device to help alleviate that pain and help you enjoy a better quality of life. But, what exactly is an orthotic device and how does it help to alleviate foot, ankle and leg pain?

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Unstable ankles and poor arch alignment can and will lead to a myriad of dysfunctions in the foot, knee, hip and back. A correctly measured orthotic device can correct foot position and neutralize pain and dysfunction above.

Rather than order an orthotic and wait weeks for the device to be made at a remote lab, let us make your custom device in just days. When ready, you will receive a FREE 30 min intensive fitting session to ensure optimal comfort and satisfaction.

The best way to think about an orthotic device is like the braces on your teeth, but for your feet, ankles and lower legs. Their entire purpose is to straighten out your foot and/or ankle so that you are better able to take advantage of the natural function of these structures and reduce pain. The reason that they are so popular with podiatrists is that their use is 100% non-invasive. This means that you do not have to undergo surgery in order to take advantage of the benefits of using orthotic devices.

Orthotics are custom made so that your device will be a perfect fit and solution for your unique foot structure and function. We will make an impression of your foot when you come to our office and then using cutting edge technology to create a custom fit orthotic device for your use. The design and materials used will take into account your particular foot structure, your condition, your physical activities, your occupation and even what kind of shoes you wear most of the time. This ensures that you are getting the most benefit from your orthotic device.

What are foot orthotics used for?

Using your orthotic device will help you improve function and balance as well as reduce pain. They can help correct a wide range of alignment issues of the lower limbs including flat feet, bow legs, pigeon toes and more. They can also help alleviate the symptoms of conditions such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, Sever’s disease and more. The use of orthotics can benefit just about anyone, but are especially helpful for those that are physically active and those that are overweight.

If you have been struggling with foot, ankle or lower leg pain and your doctor has suggested that you be fitted for a custom orthotic device, come and see us today. Even if you don’t have a specific diagnosis, we can help. We have a proven track record of helping individuals relieve the symptoms of a wide range of conditions such as arch pain, heel pain, tendonitis, shin splints, calluses, corns, bunions, or hammer toes and generalized cramping and aching of the feet and/or legs. The support our custom orthotics provide better balance and alignment that not only alleviates the symptoms associated with these conditions, it can actually help improve the condition by reducing associated inflammation.